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Our prep is as easy as:

1. Receiving

When your supplier delivers your items, our inbound crew will start our thorough check-in procedure. This include updating your personal dashboard, making sure the right quantity has been delivered, and inspecting each product for defects.

2. Prep

Following their check-in at our warehouse, your products will be prepped ready for sale. Having worked with Amazon for many years, we can guarantee that your products will be appropriately prepared to comply with Amazon's regulations.

3. Shipping

Whether you are sending in bulk to an Amazon fulfilment hub or an item has just arrived. or one of our affiliated couriers, we will take care of the logistics of getting your items to the intended place efficiently and promptly.

An Expert Partnership You Can Trust

Without A Prep Centre

Without A Prep Centre

With A Prep Centre

With A Prep Centre

Why Choose Fulfilworks FBA Prep?

Even if you spend several hours packaging and shipping your goods, you wouldn't be able to operate a business without it. This is where Fulfilworks, a UK-based prep centre, might be helpful. As your warehouse partner, we handle all the heavy lifting so you can take advantage of our resources and staff at a far lower cost. Our extensive background in fulfilment and logistics allows us to guarantee that you won't turn back. Fulfilworks Prep provides you with access to...!

Your Warehouse & Team

Your Warehouse & Team

As your products move through our warehouse, you will receive live updates and have private, real-time connection with our team when you partner with fulfilworks.


Our Quality Control procedure

Our Quality Control procedure

Your products are counted and inspected at every stage thanks to our special systems. This allows you to free up time and concentrate on what really matters.

Our Processing Systems

Our Processing Systems

The key for us both is speed. For this reason, we are constantly making adjustments and optimising to improve. This enables us to retain our quality control while keeping the speed up.

Prep, Store and Ship

When necessary, we will drip-feed goods into Amazon from the storage of your products. Do you need anything else completed? We're capable of handling it. Any task requests can be completed by our fulfilment centres, freeing you up to concentrate on more important tasks like growing your business.

Simple, Transparent & Affordable

Amazon FBA Prep Services Pricing Tiers


0-1000 Units


Limited time offer



1001-2000 Units


Limited time offer



2001-3000 Units


Limited time offer



3001-5000 Units


Limited time offer



5000+ Units


Limited time offer


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True omnichannel fulfilment

Store and ship from one central location

DTC Fulfilment

Fast and reliable same day shipping with 24 hrs and 48hrs shipping

FBA Prep

Prep, storage and forwarding within 48hrs

B2B Fulfilment

Ship to retailers and send cartons and pallets

Kitting and more

However custom it is we can do it from boxes to custom work

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